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Monday, August 17, 2020

Primary Candidates for District 35

It's voting day! Below are statements from the two Republican primary candidates. 
Jonathan Tomkins, a Democrat, has no primary opponent. 

Kenny Skaflestad:

Dear Southeast Alaskans, 

Today you must cast your vote for the future of Alaska.  This may very well be the most influential and  crucial stand you’ve been offered in a very long time.  Our dear state is under siege. 

On the ballot, is Kenny Skaflestad of Hoonah.  This guy is a working-class Southeasterner, born and raised.  He’s been the Mayor, City Councilperson, Public Works Director and a civic activist. 

Kenny Karl, as many fondly hail him, is a regular in Juneau, a well known pragmatist and hard-nosed Conservative.  He’s not part of the lobbying or crony circuit, yet seems to regularly be on the point of a project or initiative which, more times than not, seem to just happen.

He’s a “tough problem solver” and when asked to explain just what that means: “I’ve never bothered to define that, but it’s what I do”, was Kenny’s answer.

Other questions bring similar answers:

1. Why are you running?
“Because I am attuned to the deep sentiments of this region’s people. And much of their voice in Juneau is silence”.

2. Why will people vote for you?
 “Because I listen, I get things done, I’m honest and being from Hoonah, I won’t collect a dime of per diem. Ha ha. “
(Legislators from within 50 miles of Juneau  are ineligible for per diem payments)

3. How can voters learn more about Kenny?
“ My phone number is 209-6080. I try to always answer to calls. I do like face to face better but we can’t always do that these days”.

4. What is your main message to voters whom may be considering a vote for you?
“It’s a sound idea. Look here; there are not easy answers for the dilemma posed to our state. But solutions and relief will not come from more of what has been going on lately. We’re an important region. We built it together and contribute to the overall good thanklessly. Let’s work, hand in hand, in cultivating the promises offered in our region. This, after all, is what we are here for”. “ Elect Kenny Karl Skaflestad, ASAP”.

Arthur Martin:

Democrats and journalists should love me, I'm their perfect model American citizen; I immigrated legally to Alaska from the former Soviet Union when I was young (democrats loved the Soviet Union), I graduated from UAF, started a small business, live in my own house, handsome, and I believe JFK was an incredible president. However, because I'm running as a republican none of my credentials (and good looks) matter. In their eyes I'm now a Putin-lover, far-right troll, and a colonist trying to reclaim Alaska for the Patriarchy and Mother Russia! While not born here, I was raised here and will always be Alaskan!

I'm a student of history and my experience of spending time in Ukraine (after the collapse of the USSR) has given me a different perspective on politics than the majority of people. The biggest is the eerie way America is mirroring the exact same blunders the Soviet Union made before it collapsed. Dependence on oil (and the volatile oil market), wars in the Middle East, massive welfare spending, unstable immigration patterns, political and free speech censorship, toilet paper shortages and finally career politicians.

As a millennial (que the millennial jokes) the biggest issue I see in politics and the SINGULAR issue for WHY nothing is ever accomplished is because we have CAREER POLITICIANS that spend decades in power. They then retire and another family member takes their place (we all know who they are in both Alaska and on the national stage).

The problem with not having term limits in the Alaska Legislature and Congress is that politicians will rarely ever make the difficult decisions that they know must be done. My Positions Are Simple: Put Term Limits for Alaska Legislators on the Ballot in 2022 (this will fix most issues) With term limits, we will finally have honest people running. I will get this on the ballot for you and if I fail (I won't) then I'll step down after two years. I've worked in the legislature and it's a mess, however, this one thing I promise I can pass: TERM LIMITS. It's that simple.

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