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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Reckless Log Truck Drivers on POW

Living on a logging island, we have all seen some log trucks speeding, however, this one takes the cake. A reader gave an insight into what they saw regarding a blue log truck with white lettering: 

Monday morning at 5:20, pulling out of Naukati onto the highway (heading south to Klawock)  a blue log truck suddenly appeared and started tailgating. The reader pulled over immediately, however, because speeding log trucks are all too frequent, the reader decided to follow the truck to see how fast it would go. Going south from Naukati the speed limit is 35mph (until you hit the Coffman Cove turn off), however, the blue log truck which was fully loaded with logs was averaging 60-68mph and once the speed limit increased to 50 the driver then averaged 65 to 70mph. 

From pulling out of Naukati to the T-intersection, the truck made that distance in 25 minutes and then once it turned south again, to head to Klawock it averaged 60 to 70mph and made it to Klawock from the T-intersection in just 20 minutes. 

The worst part about this reckless driving is that not only was it speeding while fully loaded, once it hit the 40mph zone past the Klawock airport the truck STILL maintained 55-60mph and didn't slow down until it hit the hill that the Voc-Tec center sits at. 

All told, leaving Naukati from 5:20am the truck arrived in Klawock at 6:05am, a total of 45minutes. 

POW Report understands the importance of logging to the island economy, however, driving recklessly like this is no excuse. We encourage everyone to drive safely! 

And if need be to report violations to the Troopers. 

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