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Saturday, February 13, 2021

GoFundMe for Earl Johnson, Injured on February 7th


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On February 8th in the early morning hours, our friend and co-worker Earl Johnson suffered a catastrophic fall on his way to work at the Dawson Mine/Mill which resulted in a broken hip. 

He was transported to Klawock where he was stabilized, then medivaced to Ketchikan for further treatment and subsequent hip replacement surgery. 

Surgery went well and he is now on his way south to recuperate at home in the care of his family. His recovery is far from over and he has a long road ahead till he's back on his feet. He won't be able to return to work for quite some time, which will place undue
hardship on him and his family. 

We set up this GoFundMe account to raise money to help cover the out of pocket costs related to his accident,  his medical treatment and travel not covered by insurance and living expenses until he is able to get back to work.

These costs are already accumulating. 
Earl is highly thought of and well known here on Prince of Wales, living in our community for many years, having worked for Tyler Rental in Craig and more recently here at the Dawson Mine in Hollis. We miss his quick smile and easygoing ways here at the Dawson and are eagerly awaiting his return to our “Mine Family.”

Most importantly, we want to show Earl how important he is to us by reaching out financially to help during his long road to full recovery!

 This is our chance to give our friend, neighbor and co-worker a helping hand and show him how much we love and appreciate him! 

Please continue to keep Earl and his family in your thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.


Updates (1)

by Barbara FithianOrganizer
I just want to give a shout out and a big thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We are around the ¼ mark for our goal, which is a great achievement for less than two days into it. Earl has a long road to recovery ahead of him, with follow up doctor visits and countless rounds of physical therapy.

Between boarding and un-boarding the plane and the drive home, it was a painful and exhausting trip home for him and he's back home in Washington with his family and getting settled in. Bob and I talked with him on Thursday evening and he sounds so much better and stronger now that he’s home with his family. 

The doctor in Ketchikan told him after the surgery that while everything went really well, it would be an approximately eight-week plus recovery period. He has follow-up visits with a doctor at home next week and he’ll have a better overall picture, but it’s pretty much a “given” that down the road he’ll eventually have to have additional surgery. 

Anyone who has had medical treatment of any kind these days knows it is darn expensive and those expenses add up way too fast! 

I’d like to encourage everyone to continue to share this fundraiser so we can reach a broader group of supporters and continue to help Earl and his family during his recovery period.

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