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Friday, July 8, 2016

This Week in Politics (July 8th 2016)

If you are easily triggered please close the article. Please keep the dialogue between each other civil.

PowReport was once again proved correct in it's brilliant and succinct analysis within only 12 hours after it wrote #Pray for Turkey...sad but true...why is it that we are ahead of the curve but nobody else is writing about this?

Trump was slammed for re-tweeting an Anti-Hillary ad that was also Anti-Semetic:

Wait that wasn't it...It was this one:

Can't you see the controversy!!! It's the STAR OF DAVID!!!! How Anti-Semitic!! Err...Racist!!! Apparently this "StarGate" was all over the news over the weekend


Hillary Clinton who has been proven to have received hundreds of millions of dollars from actual anti-semites has been given a free-pass and not been indicted in regards to her email scandal:


In European news 

(Again something you won't read anywhere else) Hungary has a referendum on October 2nd to vote whether or not to accept any more rapefugees  'migrant's' into it's sovereign nation. Coincidentally, Austria will also have a re-do presidential election on October 2nd after it was caught rigging the vote. If these go through this will be just one more nail in the coffin to the European Union.


All these exciting developments this week had me thinking that news sources like <3 your's truly <3 , TV News, and Talk radio are the worst things for the political process!

By Gee Golly, What Do You Mean?!

Think to the last few things that really ticked you off: Hillary Clinton getting a free pass, George Zimmerman being let off, Christians being forced to bake Gay Cakes, George Bush ruining the Economy...etc...etc...What did you do? If you where like me you ran straight to facebook or your favorite radio/tv show and listened to them get angry about "_____" event. Then after a few days they calmed you down and you forgot about it. 

That is Wrong!

News Programs and Editorials pacify us! 

Look, it's irrelevant whether I agree with your politics or not, the beauty of a democracy Representative Democracy is that everyone has a chance to make their voice heard and impact the Political Process. However, when is the last time you or I actually let our 'voice' be heard? 

I'm Part Of the Problem!

I admit it! I started this website as a way to provide you (Dear Reader) news and information but also as an outlet to let go of my social and political frustration. I become angry. Write an article. And that's it.  End of Story. Rinse and Repeat. And at the end of the day nothing actually Happens! Case in point, for months I've been meaning to call Dan Sullivan's office and thank him for his hard work. I haven't done it! 

Which is why I encourage my readers of ALL political persuasion to start a monthly club this month. Start a FB page, tell your friends about it and actually MEET. Don't just Talk. Meet and promise yourselves that this month you will do something politically active. It may be as small as calling Dan Sullivan or going to the Craig City Council Meeting and then having beers afterwards. But DO something. Don't just Talk.

P.S. If you are starting a Political Club let me know and I'll spread the word for you.

On the Dallas Shooting

As for the BLM terrorist shooting that has killed 5 cops so far they are complete and utter scum---the entire movement. Wake up people. The America that you grew up in no longer exists. If your generation doesn't step up and do the right thing and call a spade a spade...I promise you my generation will. 

Until next time. 

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