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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jan Trojan Honored by the Alaska VA Healthcare Systems Director

Craig's very own and very involved VA member Jan Trojan was honored by Dr. Timothy D. Ballard, director of the Alaska VA Healthcare Systems, last Friday December 9th 2016.

The event was very well attended with people driving in all the way from Hydaburg, Hollis, Thorne Bay and Naukati whom Jan would like to personally thank.

With an exclusive, POW Report asked Jan her thoughts on the event and she replied;

The award was just the VA being nice.

The real prize were all the veterans showing up like they did!! You can’t do it alone. We all had several surviving family members in the audience. These folks are entitled to care that I don’t think we have hammered out all the details yet on this island. I want to personally thank Hydaburg, Hollis. Thorne Bay and Naukati for driving all the way in winter conditions!

As the community members very well know, Jan is being very humble, as she has done a lot to help the VA members on this Island and for that we thank you. And to all our past, current and future Veterans we would like to say thank you!

[Pictures are by and curtesy of Gretchen Klein]

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