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Saturday, July 29, 2017

My Quick 6 Minute Take on Meeting Senator Dan Sullivan

Later in the week/end i'll write up an article about meeting Senator Sullivan. If you met him and would like to voice your opinion email me at or leave a comment and i'll put it into the upcoming article. As the video states, I believe that the guy is genuine. He was peppered with a lot of tough questions and I respect the fact that with a few he simply said, "I'll get to you on that, please give me your contact information." Most people will bullshit you if they don't know an answer, but he was honest and simply replied, "I don't know"...when shocker... he didn't know something.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Because he doesn't answer a question and politely states he doesn't know or will get back to you, does not make him my opinion. I'm getting my bias from news conference segments, like with Sara Huckabee. Frankly I don't believe most of what any politician says....lying or misleading is the nature of the political beast. Trump is pounding that into my brain also.


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