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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Are Baby Boomers Selfish?

[From the editor: I am a Millennial and my generation gets a lot of well deserved criticism, however, we rarely hear the well deserved criticism about the generation that ultimately caused Millennials to become utter garbage and to grow up in a dysgenic society....The Boomers. 

I'm taking a risk here by posting this because a large portion of my audience are Boomers and I don't want to piss you off but if you are able to listen to the whole thing I believe that this would stimulate a very good discussion. Hence why I shared this. Enjoy.]

Stefan Molyneux is asked the question:

“I was born in 1951, and that entitles me to the Boomer label, I am told. I am mystified as to why you speak so scathingly about this demographic. Could you expand on this for me, just so I understand this bias for my own future reference when it comes at me personally? I bring this up because, like many free-thinkers, I do not own what others assume about me, and it might be fun to talk with you, as a voice from outside the categories and statistics which you may or may not be referring to. I am also aware that your childhood traumas come from a mother who is probably a Boomer, so that explains the emotions I hear in your voice when you blame the Boomers for most of the ills of the world. For this, I have compassion. You are free to ask me anything about my childhood, my birthing and raising of children, my marriage, my post-menopausal reality, my livelihood(s), my political, spiritual, philosophical views. Perhaps you would agree that I am not really worthy of the Boomer label, except for my age, which I can do nothing about, nor feel ashamed of. A conversation about being old might be helpful for you too!”

Listen for the Answer via Youtube Link:

Listen for the Answer via Podcast Link [Click Here Show Starts at 45:23]

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