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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg is a Robot...

Mark Zuckerberg is obviously the owner of Facebook but what a lot of people don't know is that he is EXTREMELY awkward in interviews and interactions with people. To the point that there is now an on going online meme campaign that mocks "Zucc" and his weird personality. Many people now question whether he is a robot or at minimum a lizard.

Because POW Report is at the APEX of Alaska news and commentary. I, yer 'umble' editor have scoured teh depthz of teh interwebz to find the best and most compelling evidence that puts into doubt Mark's humanity.

You be the judge: 

The Video That Started The Robot Memes:

Here is raw, uncut footage of Agent Zucc's cloak device malfunctioning. "Zuckerberg" had to be executed to protect the underground lizard societies secrets and be replaced with a clone to prevent suspicion from the humans:

Rumor has it that Zucc is engaged in a campaign to make himself appear more human, you decide if it's effective: 

Looks like all these memes are getting to him finally: 

Although, taking "behavioral classes" to "appear more human" is exactly what a robot would do....

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  1. I believe that Marc Zuckerberg is a man of great personality. He has worked very hard. I know he feels awkward online dissertation writing help sometimes during interview but we should give him some space as he has a very shy nature.


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