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Saturday, February 17, 2018

NEWS ON A PLANE! Rude Passenger Booted From Delta Flight for Screaming About Being Seated Near a Baby

Here at POW Report we are proud to be Alaska's number 1 leader in bringing you the best news on planes! Because we know that news is always way more interesting when it's on a plane! Last week we brought you "Naked Man on Alaska Airlines Forces Plane to Return Back to Anchorage" this week we bring you nasty woman behaving nastily because a cute baby was traveling cutely aboard a plane.


An annoyed passenger was kicked off a Delta Air Lines flight earlier this month after “screaming” about being seated next to an 8-month-old, according to the baby’s mother.

Marissa Rundell, a mom from Hammondsport, N.Y., was seated with her son Mason on a flight scheduled to depart from JFK International Airport for Syracuse on Feb. 6, when a woman preparing to take her seat across the aisle began complaining, Rundell told the Daily Mail.

The Evidence:

"She came to the back and slammed her bags down. She said 'this is f---ing ridiculous. It's bulls--- having to sit in the back of the plane,'” said Rundell.

Rundell claims she then asked the woman to watch her language — twice — and was told to "shut the f--- up and shove it."

Next, the woman began complaining about being seated close to a "crying baby" on the plane, although Mason was not crying at the time, says Rundell.

Can you believe this passenger? It's an embarrassment that this grown ass woman is acting worse than an 8 month old baby! Is she traveling on the plane for the first time? Us regular humans bring ear plugs or headphones and listen to music (or audio books if you are classy) to block out noise.

Talking about headphones...this is definitely a Pro-Tip I learned in my youth that i'm very happy to share with you, dear reader: 

Soon afterward, an attendant on the flight — which was operated by Endeavor Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta — tells the woman she can take the next flight if she’d prefer.

“No, I can’t,” the woman shoots back.

She then asks for the flight attendant’s name, which the attendant — Tabitha — offers along with her employee ID number.

“Thank you, Tabitha,” the woman says. “You may not have a job tomorrow.”

At this, Tabitha immediately tells another crew member that she “want[s] this lady off the flight,” which prompts the woman to begin apologizing.

“No. You just screamed at a woman and her baby,” Tabitha responds. She then turns toward a responding crew member and motions toward the woman. “She was screaming at the baby,” Tabitha says.

What a bitch! I can 100% guarantee that this woman must have been a government employee. The sense of entitlement can only come from government employees (I can say this cause I was once a government employee.)

BAZZINGA! Delta passenger who 'screamed at a woman and her baby' placed on leave from government job

The woman, identified as Susan Peirez by Spectrum News, was removed from an Endeavor Air flight on Feb. 6 following an incident just prior to takeoff at JFK International Airport. She was accused of “screaming" at a woman and her baby and seen threatening to have a flight attendant fired after stating that she works for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“State employees are and must be held to the highest standard both professionally and personally,” said Ronni Reich, a director of public information for the New York State Council of the Arts, where Peirez is reportedly employed as a program director.

“We were notified of this situation and have commenced an investigation. This employee has been removed from the office and placed on leave until further notice and until the inquiry is resolved,” added Reich.

Of course, she works for Governor Andrew Cuomo (whom rumor has it famously verbally assaulted two banjo players who were playing music to a flock of deer) and she clearly picked up her rude habits from him! 

POW Report endorses Delta Airlines as its number 1 choice in flight service for their heroic defense of cute baby and mom!

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