[Editorial] TIL After 7 Months We Still Have No Evidence of Vegas Shooter Yet 2 HOURS After A Chemical Attack in Syria We KNOW Assad Did it and We MUST Start WW3! - P.O.W. Report

Saturday, April 14, 2018

[Editorial] TIL After 7 Months We Still Have No Evidence of Vegas Shooter Yet 2 HOURS After A Chemical Attack in Syria We KNOW Assad Did it and We MUST Start WW3!

Actually We Have A Total of 5 Minutes of Footage of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas "Shooter:" 

The first thing I noticed that I found really odd is that the video which was released is basically 240p black and white grainy quality video....

Security Cameras Are Shot in HD

Las Vegas has top notch security and all their cameras are the best in the world so it's really odd that they released video that was basically shot with 1960's cameras...anywho, that's not the point of this article, the point is that Assad in Syria gassed a bunch of Syrian babies FOR NO REASON and the Media and the UN tells us that he must be punished and we must start WWIII....

Trump Obliges: 

President Donald Trump on Friday ordered the United States military — in conjunction with France and the United Kingdom — to launch strikes on Syria in retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad on a Damascus suburb last week.

The president did not specify a target for the strikes, but said the United States would aim to hit sites "associated with the chemical weapons capabilities" of Assad's regime.

Trump urged Iran and Russia to withdraw their support for what he called Syria's "barbarism and brutality."

In a direct address to the two countries, he asked, "What kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men and women and children?"

At a news conference at the Pentagon later on Friday, Defense Secretary James Mattis described the strikes as "a little over double the weapons" used by the Trump administration to carry out a similar attack one year ago. That April 2017 attack consisted of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles.

You May [Hopefully] Be Asking Why Are We Attacking Syria?

Because "They" (the UN and Ilk) told us so and gassing your own people is bad! That's why! And something...something...fighting in the Middle East keeps America safe!

What's That? The investigation into who caused the Chemical Attack doesn't start until tomorrow?


The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said the fact-finding mission would arrive in Syria on Thursday and start work in Douma, eastern Ghouta, on Saturday.

Bashar al-Assad’s regime is accused of killing more than 40 people, many of them children, in a chemical weapons attack on the town, a rebel enclave near Damascus.

Syria and its ally Russia have claimed reports of the attack were fabricated by rebels and rescue workers.

But Western powers are convinced regime forces were responsible and are considering military action against Syria.

Mattis Though Assures us this is just a one time strike: 

"Right now this is a one time shot and I believe it sent a very strong message," Mattis said during a press briefing in the Pentagon, adding that there may be further attacks against the government of Bashar Assad “should he decide to use more chemical weapons in the future.”

Specifying that more than twice as many weapons were fired as in April 2017, Mattis said that the aerial assault sought to “destroy the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons research development and production capabilities.”

The targets were described as a scientific research center in Damascus, and a pair of chemical storage facilities in close proximity to each other in Homs, a large city north of the Syrian capital.

"We were very precise and proportionate but at the same time it was a heavy strike," Mattis told reports.

Basically here is what happened; Nobody believes Assad gassed his own people. Exactly one year ago in 2017 Trump announces to the world that he is withdrawing from Syria and then 'coincidentally' Assad drops Chemicals on his own people and prevents the US from withdrawing for another year....

Exactly one year later, Trump makes the exact same announcement and again 'coincidentally' Assad AGAIN gasses his own people conveniently making sure that the US can't withdraw from Syria.


In fact Russia claims that Britain caused this last one:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said a reported chemical attack in Syria was staged by foreign agents.

The US and France say they have proof it took place and, alongside the UK, are considering military retaliation.

Russia, which has military forces deployed in Syria in support of the government, has warned that Western air strikes risk starting a war.

The UN’s secretary general has said the Middle East is “in chaos” and the Cold War is “back with a vengeance”.

Antonio Guterres was speaking to a special meeting of the UN Security Council, called by Russia.

He urged countries to “act responsibly in these dangerous circumstances”.

A delegation from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will arrive in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta region on Saturday. Few details are expected to be released about the movements of the chemical weapons inspectors, for safety reasons.

During a press briefing on Friday, Mr Lavrov said he had “irrefutable evidence” that the attack was staged as part of a “Russophobic campaign” led by one country, which he did not name.

This is all staged theatre

I was pretty pissed when I heard news about this Syria attack by Trump and then I found this interesting tid bit:

So the bases were abandoned? That's such a 'coincidence' it's almost like they 'coincidentally' knew ahead of time that the place was going to be destroyed....'coincidentally.'

Anyone who has worked in politics knows that what the media reports is usually old news. Political moves are always done behind closed doors and are usually very well managed and staged. Case in point when AML and Northland merged in 2013, I knew that this would happen in 2012 because the owners of Northland came to talk to my boss about this while I was working in Juneau.

This is exactly the same type of shit that is happening in Syria and the Middle East. Trump has been having talks with Putin and Russia all week and this 'missile attack' is just for show.

So, here is me trying to be positive and here is the Alternative Reason for Why We Attacked Syria:

More Proof that this is Theatre is that the Media is freaking out when Military Generals ask basic and simple questions:

The former commander of British Forces in Iraq was abruptly cut off and had his segment ended on Sky News when he questioned why Syrian leader Assad would launch a gas attack on his own people.

When asked if the Russians have “made it more difficult for the UK to launch any kind of attack without putting it to Parliament,” Shaw responded, “Apart from all that, the debate that seems to be missing from this is, and this was mentioned by the (Russian) ambassador, was what possible motive might have triggered Syria to launch a chemical attack at this time in this place.

“The Syrians are winning. Don’t take my word for it — take the American military’s word.”

After citing to examples of Americans — including President Trump — saying the civil war is effectively over, Shaw was abruptly cut off.

“I’m very sorry. You’ve been very patient waiting for us but we do need to leave it there,” the host said, silencing Shaw.

“I’m very sorry. Thank you very much indeed.”

As the host stared at the camera for several moments, the segment ended.

To Conclude:

If you freaked out like me over this, don't. This won't lead to WW3. By the way here are our glorious Alaska Congressional Leader's responses to this attack:

Don Young

Tonight, in a coordinated effort with our French and British allies, we have sent a swift message that enough is enough. We will not turn a blind eye to the inhumane horrors that are currently happening and endangering thousands of Syrians. The Assad regime must not be allowed to continue to use chemical weapons on innocent civilians to assert their power.

I want to thank the brave men and women of our armed forces that carried out tonight’s mission and I’m praying for their safety. In the days to come, we must work with our NATO partners to develop and implement a strategic, long-term plan to maintain the security of our nations.

Dan Sullivan:

The precision military strikes launched this evening, in partnership with our British and French allies, send a clear and concise message to the Assad regime: the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated. This response against Syria’s chemical weapons infrastructure was both measured and warranted, and a necessary step to deter future chemical weapons attacks, whether against innocent men, women and children or our troops deployed in the Middle East.

I commend these decisive actions and offer my prayers to the brave men and women conducting these operations this evening. Moving forward, we must not only work with our NATO partners, but also our Arab and Israeli allies to develop a comprehensive and sustained strategy for advancing our immediate and long-term national security interests in Syria and the broader Middle East.


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