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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Zucc in Congress Meme 2.0

Zuckerberg testified in Congress last week and the best part of course were all the memes that came out of it. If you need to review the Zucc Memes [read more here].

Technology Review:

The dust has settled on the Facebook CEO’s 10 hours of congressional hearings, giving us a chance to reflect on what he said—and some of it was bunk.

On new data rules: He said that the EU’s incoming privacy guidelines, known as GDPR, would be extended to users across America. That’s incredibly misleading.

On owning your data: Zuck told lawmakers that users can download a file containing all the data that Facebook holds about them. His Privacy Operations Team disagrees.

On AI censorship: Zuck says machine learning will largely be able to automate censorship. He’s wrong: that assumes huge leaps in progress.

And yet: Plenty of people have just nodded along to his answers. Advertisers still seem to love Facebook, and the firm’s value rose by $3 billion during the course of this week.

Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress on Tuesday in a marathon five-hour hearing, and he walked away with a victory.

He spent a lot of time explaining how Cambridge Analytica was able to collect the personal information from as many as 87 million people without their permission, something Facebook has now been explaining publicly for weeks.

He didn’t get flustered when Sen. Ted Cruz implied that Facebook is biased against conservatives, or defensive when Sen. John Kennedy said bluntly that, “Your user agreement sucks.” He was nowhere close to the sweaty, flustered Zuckerberg who once sat onstage for an interview with Recode’s founders Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. (Not that we thought he would.)

Instead, Zuckerberg’s testimony was rather ... dull. At least for those who follow Facebook closely. Zuckerberg frequently mentioned the things that Facebook has already done post-Cambridge Analytica to fix its privacy policies, and by the end of the day, the questions were getting more and more repetitive as people ran out of new things to ask.

I don’t think anyone would watch this and be more angry with Facebook than when the hearing started. And that seems like a win.

Facebook has automated robots that scan everything that is posted on it's platform and routinely sensors pages that are controversial. Several times now i've noticed the POW Report page have a massive drop in viewership when I made certain posts. It's important to go into your settings and make sure that POW Report is the first thing you see when you check your page!

 Anywho, to the fun stuff! 

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