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Friday, July 6, 2018

Update on the Youth Leadership Program Held in Thorne Bay

POW Report wrote about The Youth Leadership Program [here] and they are still looking for leaders and mentors to help guide the Prince of Wales youth! If you are interested please contact Ami Eller at assistant@powhealthnetwork.org

Ami gave an update on the most recent Leadership event:

Our most recent youth leadership was held in Thorne Bay and hosted by the Thorne Bay school.

We had 10 youth participate and 5 mentors.

The kids worked on some team building activities that have been used in the Phlight Club program, which the kids really enjoy. SISD was kind enough to provide the lunch free of cost to the leaders. They continue on their work to draft a successful letter to the Island community boards/councils, requesting them to consider adding a student representative and help mentor them on the process and procedures of being a council/board member.

For the last activity that they performed was something that had been agreed on as a topic that they would like to see improved in all their communities. Cleanliness of the island. They volunteered as a service project to pick up garbage along the highway for two hours, as a small step towards their goal. They also are attempting to look into the "Adopt a Highway" Program for Prince of Wales.

All in all, it was a fun and productive meeting with our leaders getting their toes wet with service projects!

Our next meeting is July 20th in Whale Pass from 9am-2pm. Mid-high school youth are always welcome to join, as well as adults!

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