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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Ketchikan Resident Almost Burns Down House Using a Smoker

From the KFD:

At approximately 11:40am Friday July 25th, Ketchikan Fire Department responded to a report of smoke and visible flames on the back porch of a residence located at the 2400 block of 6th Ave. Upon arrival the homeowner notified first responders that they extinguished the fire with a garden hose. The fire originated from an unattended electric smoker located on the back porch. The Fire Department ensured that the fire had not extended under the deck or to neighboring apartments.

While smokers are an easy way to prepare large amounts of delicious food, they can also pose a fire danger to your property and family. By following a few simple smoker safety tips, you can prevent injury while keeping your home and surrounding property fire safe.

• Smokers are for outdoors use only. Do not operate in an enclosed area.
• Keep your smoker at least 36 inches from combustibles like siding, deck rails and eaves.
• Do not plug in an electric smoker until it is fully assembled.
• Use smoker on a level, non-combustible stable surface such as dirt, concrete, brick or rock.
• Do not move smoker while it is in use.
• Do not use packaging box or any other paper products to support or cover the smoker.
• Do not allow rainwater to come into contact with an electric smoker at any time.
• Do not use during windy conditions.
• Do not use near gasoline or where other flammable liquids, gases, or vapors may be present.
• Place in an area where children and pets cannot access.
• Adhere to all manufacturer instructions regarding use and maintenance of your particular smoker.

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