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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Wrangell’s Fish & Game Office to Close


The potential closure of Wrangell’s tiny fish and game office was sore news to David Powell.

“I go to that office say about eight to 10 times a year,” says Powell, an avid sportsman, who picks up his elk and moose tags from the local office.

He also sits on Wrangell’s assembly. He says that, of course, a lot can be done online. But having Fish and Game representatives in town is an important resource in a town where just about everyone hunts and fishes and needs to keep up on the rules [emphasis added].

Wait..so here's a question, if the office closes does that mean there are less cops to arrest you for catching a fish that's 0.05inches too long??

No other Fish and Game office is on the governor’s chopping block. A budget document says it’ll save around $70,000 in general fund spending.

Green says few commercial fishing permits have been issued out of the Wrangell office. And any requests for information are just a phone call or internet search away.

Closing the office sheds one local job. And it moves another to Petersburg.

In the internet age, this is just another example of robots taking our local jobs. We can hate it (which in a small community hurts) however, that's where the market is going. How many people go to the front desk in a bank to withdraw 40$? If we don't want local jobs replaced by faceless i-screens then we must start visiting the personnel.

To defend my local news enemy competitor, who reads the stupid physical paper anymore? How long can a business survive if nobody uses it? We can hate it and also accept we don't use them. If we don't use the services, do we have a right to complain?

Wrangell City Mayor Steve Prysunka says local government wasn’t consulted.

“We are expected to just accept this, that this is all right. Well it’s not all right,” Prysunka says. “I don’t accept it, and I won’t accept it, and I’m mad as hell about it.”

It's his job to be 'mad as hell' but does he even hunt? Does he even fish? If not, does he have a right to be mad?

Mr. Mayor

Some questions need to be asked.

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