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Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Landing and Cape Fox is So 2019!

When we travel we often go to a hotel because it's convenient and forget that our phones now have technology and websites that make our travel and stays way more luxurious and accomodating than we found ourselves in the past.

Case in point, last time I stayed at The Landing it was basketball season and their paper-thin walls echoed with teenagers running around all night.


It wasn't until a friend told me, "look into Airbnb" that I discovered a...

A new fantastic point of view...No one to tell us, "no" or where to go...Or say we're only dreaming...

Well friends (and non-friends) next time you are in Ketchikan instead of staying at an inconvenient place that is loud and full of teenagers, check out Suite Dreams Inn and have the entire place to yourself.


Not only are they supporting this site, (and hence the amazing plug) by staying with them you would also be supporting a small local business while enjoying peace and quiet! That is what we call a 360 win!


Is that song still stuck in your head?

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