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Thursday, March 12, 2020

I'm on #TeamDave

POW Report has been DUTIFULLY reporting on the concave19 virus [here] and [here] frantically trying to warn people to stock up on Toilet Paper BEFORE it's too late! Unfortunately, if you haven't gone to costco and stocked up--you are SOL! FORTUNATELY, if you have a good stock of toilet paper, take Dave's advice and you will survive this!

When we go to the barter system which will be shortly (in my opinion) I think my toilet paper will be able to be traded for alcohol...which I think is more important. 

We are fully prepared for anything that can come our way, i've been cutting down some trees and looking for things to...make a spear...and get that ready...bear traps. The whole nine yards! 

This kind of brilliant smart thinking by Dave is why POW Report AND Affiliates recommend all residents to stock up on toilet paper and join #TeamDave! It's the ULTIMATE barter item for any and all things.

A zombie apocalypse? Trade that toilet paper for records as defense!

An Alien Invasion? Don't waste those rolls, trade it for some Slim Whitman!

Personally, i'll be able to trade all my toilet paper for at least 4...maybe even 5 houses. So i'll be completely set! Don't hesitate today, buy all the toilet paper you can! #TeamDave

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