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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Lucky Fly-In Fishing Day

Written and shared by Don Dawson:

“Lucky Fly-in Fishing Day!”~ Vintage group photo portrait taken after a freshwater fishing charter to Wilson Lake via Herb Munter’s Aircraft Charter Service Bellanca Pacemaker NC195N, with legendary pioneer bush pilot-Ray Renshaw~ Sunday-7/11/37. Pictured (L-R): Walt Sanderson, Alfred Thibodeau, Pilot~Ray Renshaw, Arndt Bue, Olaf Lovgren and Les Arnold. Credit: Otto C. Schallerer
photo/Don Dawson Collection

Don Dawson research notes on pilot & passengers:

Walt Sanderson worked for the U. S. Army Alaska Communications System (ACS), both as a civilian and later military, delivering telegrams in Ketchikan.

Alfred Thibodeau was manager of the Ketchikan Elk’s Club and was the town anesthesiologist.
Ray Renshaw was one of the early Seattle commercial fliers who learned to fly in 1928, and started his commercial flying career with Gorst Air Transport (1931-’35). Ray moved to SE Alaska in 1935 to work as pilot/mechanic for Herb Munter’s Aircraft Charter Service in Ketchikan, until 1940, when he flew for the Alaska Game Commission, and flew for both AGC & Ellis Air Transport during WW2. Ray married his first wife~ Jeanne Ellis on 2/14/44. After relocating to Juneau in 1945, he was hired as company chief pilot for pioneer bush pilot~ Shell Simmons’ Alaska Coastal Airlines, and held that position through ACA’s 1962 Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines merger, and worked 2-years for Alaska Airlines, after ASA’s 1968 purchase~ flying mostly Gooses & PBYs. Renshaw then became a corporate pilot for Champion International, as captain of their propjet Grumman Super Goose, before finally going to work as chief pilot for Southeast Skyways in Juneau. Nicknamed~ “Radar Ray” (~in recognition of his expert skills at safely-navigating his way around in the frequently-encountered inclement weather of Alaska’s Panhandle)~ Ray Renshaw is top-ranked by his peers, along-with his longtime Ketchikan counterpart and good friend~ Bud Bodding-Ellis Air Lines Chief Pilot (aka~ “Father Goose”).

Arndt Bue was VP of Ketchikan Miners & Merchants Bank (~later to become National Bank of Alaska).

Olaf ‘Ollie’ Lovgren was a U. S. Army sergeant, who also worked in Ketchikan for Alaska Communications System (ACS).

Les Arnold also worked for Alaska Communications System (ACS).

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