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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Thank You For Your Support!

As you may know, I ran for Representive for House District 35 and it turned out to be one of the closest House primary races and for that i'm humbled!

As of this writing at 1:04am I am not going to concede until it's official, however, I'm humbled by all the support I received. I ran on a simple premise, all our issues stem from career politicians. I ran on the platform that if elected, I will put term limits on our legislators. These people career politicians spend decades in power and forget what it's like being a normal human struggling to pay rent and feed their families. 

I was born in the Soviet Union and the main reason I ran was because I began noticing America turning into the same country that I immigrated from. Local elections do matter, it took me running to realize how just 20 people can make the difference. If you have a weight on your heart to run for anything, I encourage you to do it. 

It's scary and it's a very different experience, however, we are entering a time where sitting back and not doing anything is no longer an option. It's why I ran. 

I'm humbled by all the support I have received and who knows maybe in two years you'll see me again on the ballot. 

God Bless and Alaska First! 

Don't quit and give up on your principles, there is such a thing as TRUTH. We often forget that there is good and there is evil. I'm old enough now to realize those that hug the middle ground are cowards. Never trust them. Trust those that see the truth and the good in life and respect that. Vote for that. Anything less is cowardice. 

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