Help the Carls Rebuild After a House Fire - P.O.W. Report

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Help the Carls Rebuild After a House Fire


Debbie and Joe Carl long time residents of Naukati lost everything in a fire in their home the night of May 17th.  Also a friend, Ram Quintana, was living with them for the summer and he lost his clothes, shoes, camera and other personal belongings. They woke up at 10pm to smoke and barely got out into their boat

A fundraiser has been set up [here] by Amber Carl and she writes:

Let's rally behind them and help them with their plans going forward, we don't know what they are right now but ultimately it will be something. 

They love and help everyone let's help them back. Feel free to contact either one of us. 

They had their friend their Ram who also lost everything. 

Our mom, dad, Ram and bear are all safe 

Amber and Gerald 

To donate click here

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