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City of Craig Agenda for November 3, 2016 (Important Port St. Nick Residents)

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[IMPORTANT] Unfinished Business
  • Review revenue options for St. Nicholas Road maintenance costs
  • Notice of Non-Gaming Trust Land Acquisition Application
  • Review General Fund revenue options from Craig Budget Committee
[Ed:] I've been around politics long enough to know that "Review Revenue options" is Political code for "taxes"...also "non-gaming Trust Land Acquisition application" sounds eery...if you are a Port St. Nick Resident who has heard rumors of annexation floating around... but perhaps it is just a simple (no conspiracy) Trust Land Acquisition...

PS If you go to the meeting please send me an email of the happenings so we can post it here. Thanks!

Read More: FEES, FEES, FEES! Craig Looking to Tax Port St. Nick Residents! Rumors of Annexation!

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