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Monday, April 1, 2019

Youth Leadership Program Takes a Dive into the Craig Pool

The POW Health Network has been working on a Youth Leadership Program to help youth from the different communities on the island grow and become the leaders of tomorrow;

The objective of the program is to make future leaders. To teach youth the strengths and abilities of becoming a leader and giving them a voice and the means to create positive change in their communities and become a role model for other peers!

Over the weekend youth with the POW Health Network were able to experience SCUBA for 3 hours at the Craig Aquatic Center. Ten teenagers from communities around Prince of Wales were able to learn basic PADI scuba skills and experience life underwater.

Future leaders group photo with assistants

A special thanks to the certified assistants who helped with this event: Mrs. Shelby Beck, Mrs. Shari Purser and CHS senior Brandy Marinese.

CHS Senior Sierra Eller and Shari Purser sporting AGA masks with diver to diver communications

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