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Sunday, March 5, 2017

POW Report Reflecting on 2016

This article has been long over-due and I have been neglecting on writing this for awhile because i've come to a point where I need your help....

I have been running this website now by myself since the fall of 2015. I have not asked for a single dollar. I have not run click-bait articles. I have not run any ads that pop-up inconveniently nor are there any money laundering ads on any of my pages. And unlike my competitor who has several staff writers, (and who coincidentally started a few months before me) I'm running this by myself.

It's just me folks. I have two full-time jobs and I started this website as a hobby and because there was a serious need on the island for news and reports from the different communities. Since I started in 2015 this website has grown tremendously and for that I thank you:

I didn't learn about analytics until last year 

Some of the more popular stories so far:

And I was even picked up by sitnews.us as an occasional guest contributor.

If you look back through my archives, I average about 30+ articles a month, which is an article a day. Now compare my content to that of my competition and 60% of their content is ads. Yes, they have written several stories that I have missed but my content is not only local, but it's state-wide, national and international. The kicker? 100% of my content is AD FREE!

I want to keep it that way! Which is why I am finally asking for your help.

I need to start making some money in this venture to keep going. I have proven to you all since 2015 that i'm dedicated and that I'm not doing this just for profit. I grew up on this island. I went to school on this island. I graduated from this island. And I now work on this island.

I Care About Prince of Wales

And unlike my competitor. The money I make. Will stay on the island!

If every one of my readers just contributed $1 dollar a month I could double-down and provide you far more original island content and editorials than I already have.

My tiny little goal is to earn with your generosity $300 a month. Which is barely anything considering how many hours I already spend on this website and how much money I have poured into this venture.

Full disclosure here are my expenses: 

  • $100.00 a month on internet x 12 months = $1,200
  • $40.00 per year for hosting rights
  • $435.00 per year for Chamber of Commerce membership and ad

Equals: $1,675

This doesn't include the dozens of hours I spend every week writing up and finding articles, nor does it include the hours I spend driving and using up fuel in my 1977 F250.

Down hill I get 10 mpg

So if I reach $300 dollars a month that will pay for my expenses and give me just enough to make me feel that all my hard-work is actually paying off!

If you enjoy what you read and you want to support a local home-grown entrepreneur Please Donate:


Pay Pal

I prefer Patreon because it is alot more open and you can see exactly how much money I am getting and you can hold me accountable.

I want to expand this website and one of the immediate ways to do it (and something that several readers have commented on) is to bring back my weekly podcasts.

I stopped doing it because on average a 30 minute podcast takes about 3 hours to make and edit. So, if you can start donating that will be one of the first things to come back since it was pretty popular.

Yes, I have made mistakes:

I am not without fault and this is a whole brand new learning experience. I have a slew of grammmmerr mistakes that a couple of readers have taken upon themselves to point out to me and I had my very first corrected article recently that I felt really bad about. 

So, I won't always be on my A-game but atleast you know that every post on POW Report is from a local resident and well-intentioned. Plus, you all know my email and the comments section is always open, so fire at me!

In conclusion:

P.O.W. Report will be the biggest news source in the history of Prince of Wales. It already is!

Last month on the website I averaged:

And on Facebook I had an even a bigger impact: 

For such a small island and a small state, this little website has done quite a lot so far but I do need your help to keep this going! Running a news website is a lot of work and very time consuming. If you could spare $1 a month or even $5 a month (that's 16 cents a day) I would be very grateful!

Check out my Patreon Page

Donate via PayPal

Going into the future:

There is a project that i'm concocting in my head, which I know will be a Yuge hit. It's a Prince of Wales exclusive project but it's one that I can't do without your help....so stay tuned and I will give more information in the coming weeks!

I promise you, this project will get you really excited. Especially if you love Prince of Wales/SE history.

Until next time. Thank you for reading and please support me by donating!

Every dollar is a big deal because up until this point. I haven't made a single dollar and worked for free to prove to you that i'm here for the long-haul!

PS Please share this post with your friends and get the word out.

Until next time, Cheers!

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